IMC Strategies | What We Provide
Marketing services for small businesses and organizations based out of San Francisco East Bay.
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What We Provide

Social Media Management

Social media is like a story. You need a plot. You need a purpose. And you need a good storyteller. The best stories pass down through the generations. And they go through many cycles. Good storytellers know how to interact with their audience. They keep you engaged so you keep coming back for more.


Many approach social media with the mindset that you need to be on every social network and if you regularly talk about your products or services, then people will eventually be interested and want to buy from you. You need the right to chose the right social media channels to reach your desired audience.  When you work with IMC Strategies, we don’t settle for quantity. We want quality. We will work with you to determine what networks you need to be on and then how to effectively use these sites to grow your audience, expand your reach, and accomplish your goals.


Your customers will keep coming back. Your competition will be envious. Your company will be positioned to demonstrate your leadership and experience in your industry while educating perspective clients how they will benefit from your services. We are agile in our strategies so we can adapt to any promotions, events or special occasions your company wants to highlight.


Do what you do best: sell your products or service. We’ll tell your story.
As you grow, we grow with you.

The majority of social media agencies require you to sign up for six months to a year and often charge $10,000/mo-$25,000/mo or higher retainers. They focus on one campaign and when it is over, you’re on your own with no education of what to do moving forward and no way to replicate the results they got for you. They often require high ad budgets and can’t work with small businesses with limited income. At IMC Strategies, we don’t require long-term contracts and we don’t expect you to put us on massive retainers.

If we do our job well, then we believe you’ll trust your social media accounts to us and let us get to work. We provide free consultation throughout the month, so you can learn how we do what we do and work alongside us. Consider us a part of your team, not just a contractor. Our goal is to make your brand, your company, product or service greatly respected and well desired in your community and nationally.


Your story does not need to end at chapter one. We are here to make sure it doesn’t.

Web Design

We work with you to create a custom website that visually communicates your unique product or service and brands you to meet your target audience. We begin by asking a few questions to find out what you are looking for in a website and then come back with a sitemap, design style and layout. No two websites we build are the same. We deliver what you’re looking for the first time so you’ll wake up each morning in love with your website.

Need help crafting content for your site? No problem. We have expert copywriters capable to tell your story in a clear and exciting method.

What allows us to offer you completely customized websites at such low prices is that we use a platform called WordPress to build your website on. This offers an incredible suite of professionally designed themes, great plugins to allow your website to do practically anything, and the ability for you to update your website with little to no coding or technical experience.


Unlike our competitors, we want you to have complete control of your website instead of paying us each time you want to make a quick edit or change a picture. Of course, if you would prefer our help, we are always happy to do the work for you.


Our websites are responsive to any device, so they function flawlessly on your iPhone, Android, iPad or any other tablet device.

  • Responsive Layout

  • Did you know almost 30% of global web traffic occurs on smartphones and tablets? Make sure you’re reaching 100% of your web visitors with a responsive website.
  • Custom Design

  • Included in the cost is professionally designed layouts, graphics, and images matched to your company’s look and feel so there is a consistent, professional appearance throughout the site.
  • SEO Friendly

  • Your website will be built using SEO best practices so that search engines like Google and Bing find you quickly and rank you high. We submit your website to all search engines for indexing and crawling.
  • No Monthly Fees

  • We do not charge any monthly fees as hosting is included in your one-time investment. We hate bills just as much as you and want you to get to work selling your products or services.

Marketing & Branding

Without a clear marketing strategy, a company is doomed for failure. Marketing is the vehicle necessary for creating awareness about your product or service, developing interest in the benefits and features you provide, creating need and then encouraging them to take action and purchase your product or hire you for your service. We all have wants. Some of us have needs. Successful marketing turns those wants into needs.

We approach branding with a simplistic mindset that if you cannot define your brand in 25 words or less, then you shouldn’t be marketing anything yet. We help you develop a brand strategy by walking you through ten key questions that help you look at your company or product in a whole new way. We’ve found that this often results in much more cohesion and simplicity in defining who you are, what you are about and why people should care.
Marketing Consultation

Get insight on new marketing ideas, ways to promote your business, new avenues for sales, lead generation tactics, and bring in an expert on digital marketing who’s passionate about small businesses.

Branding Strategy

Build a solid foundation for your business with proven strategies that bring simplicity and structure to your mission, your vision, products, prices and competitive advantages. This is where to begin.


Bring in a ghostwriter to look at your website’s current copy and work with you to refresh, simplify, and easily communicate your message in a way that is easily understandable to your target audience.


Add fresh content to your blog that boosts your SEO results and contributes value to your audience. Written with your audience in mind, it will bring relevancy and expertise to your brand’s image.


Search engine marketing. Reach your audience at the point of their buying decision with targeted ads based on keywords, audience profiles or location.


Google seems to change their algorithm quicker than we change our underwear. We’ll make sure your website stays current and improve the speed in which we change our trousers.

Marketing Collateral

Need a brochure? New business cards? Powerpoint template? We can create it all and accurately have it represent your brand in a way that eloquently communicates your company and service.


Tell your story in person. From storyboard to production, we can help you create a video that explains your services, testifies of the results you get or how clients can benefit from your products.